AI is Getting Scary Good at Math

Google’s DeepMind lab has created a remarkable AI system for solving incredibly complex geometry problems.

Caden Ornt
4 min readJan 25, 2024
Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

Artificial Intelligence seems like it would be really good at math, but in reality, as problems become more complex, it often runs into problems of its own.

In order to account for that, the Google DeepMind Lab has created an AI system known as AlphaGeometry, and although its utility is mostly limited to the field of geometry, its abilities have amazed much of the tech and AI community.

What is AlphaGeometry?

Alpha Geometry combines two types of AI systems: a language model and a symbolic engine. In tandem, these are perfectly suited for solving complex geometry-based problems.

The Importance

The real importance comes when we look at just how well this model was able to perform on problems from The International Math Olympiad. When tested on the geometry-based problems, the AI model fell just short of a gold medal performance and was able to surpass a silver medal performance with room to spare.

This means it is roughly comparable to the world's brightest and most promising young…



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